Monday, August 24, 2009

Fully Convinced - Turning Point Devotion

Let your heart retain my words; keep my commands, and live.Proverbs 4:4

In his book, Shepherding a Child's Heart, Dr. Tedd Tripp clearly defines obedience for parents so they understand when and how to discipline their children in a godly way. He states that, "It means more than a child doing what he is told. It means doing what he is told without challenge, without excuse, without delay" (p.134).

When God is guiding us in His direction, oftentimes we get distracted by the little things that seem more important to us at the moment. Just as a child believes putting one more piece of a puzzle into its place is of the utmost importance before getting up to obey, we often consider our immediate desires a higher priority than promptly obeying when we hear God's voice beckoning us toward His way.

Imagine the kind of life we would experience if we were to follow God without challenge, without excuse, and without delay. Those things which seemed so important to us would fade, and we would begin to see what the Lord can do when we are not just almost persuaded but fully convinced that His way is better than our way.

To be successful in God's work is to fall in line with His will and to do it His way.Henrietta C. Mears

OUCH, this one hurt today!

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